I started the week pretty exhausted as I have been starting work really early and finishing quite late. April is a full on month with the start of the new financial year. I’ve also been working quite hard on completing my coaching diploma, which has meant late nights, prep, and a whole lot of practice.

A Glimpse at My Week

As I mentioned, this week was full. on. It was busy, challenging, and a bit scary, but it was also pretty great! This week I:

  • Completed my final coaching assessment,
  • Found out whether or not I was receiving my Personal Performance Diploma, and,
  • Started working with a life coach.

Coaching Assessment

I had my 5th (and final!) coaching assessment on Monday. Many people say and believe that you don’t need a qualification to coach. Much as this is technically true, I find it is important to at least invest in developing the necessary skills. I want to be able to coach my clients as best as possible, so, for me, that meant first investing in myself and being very intentional about my education and skill building.

Old Habits Die Hard

I am working with a life coach now and one of the things I am determined to do is to stop the pattern of not finishing stuff. I have seen the power of coaching firsthand, and really believe in it, so the time for me to nip this habit is now. Naturally I am a starter but I easily get distracted by the next shiny object. I find that I have ideas and a great motivation to START things but the execution and follow-through are lacking. Having identified this as a struggle and problem area has been a great step for me in being able to break the cycle.

Coaching Assessment: Pass or Fail?

Back to the assessment. I started the Personal Performance Diploma with the Coaching Academy back in 2015. On average it takes about 18 months to complete, so you can do the maths. I was pretty nervous about passing this assessment as I did not want to have to do it again. On top of the nerves, things didn’t start off very well.

I couldn’t get hold of my client at the agreed upon time, so I used a lifeline and phoned a friend. Unfortunately, 2 minutes notice wasn’t quite enough, so I started to feel sunk. Finally, my client phoned me at the top of the hour while I had the assessor on Skype. However, the client thought the session was going to be via telephone and not Skype.

Let the tech issues dance began.

The client tried Skype but that didn’t work, so the assessor suggested speaker phone, but this didn’t work either. The assessor then asked if I had another method…Zoom to the rescue!!! The assessor was told me I had to him the Zoom link within the next 60 seconds otherwise the assessment was going to be cancelled because we were almost 10 minutes late to start. I managed to send him the link in time and was able to have the coaching session. Talk about down to the wire!

The feedback from the assessor was great, but by that point with such a high-stress situation I just wanted to hear if I had passed or failed.

The relief when I was told that I had passed!!!

I was so grateful and proud to finally have completed the program! *insert happy dance*


When the dust settled and my heart rate returned to its normal pace, I reflected on the experience. This experience taught me a few key things:

  1. It is not over until it is over.
  2. It will not always be a smooth ride; you just must go with the flow
  3. In the wake of challenges, don’t give up. Use what you have got.

We all know that life won’t always be as calm and easy as you’d like it to be, but it is moments like these that serve as a reminder how important it is to stay calm and roll with the punches as best as you can. I am so glad that I pushed through and didn’t let the stress and nerves get to me, and ultimately cost me the diploma. I was able to think on my feet and still deliver a quality coaching call, which has left me feeling very proud; it has also better prepared me for when other potential issues pop up later on in my coaching career.

Check out my coaching services to see how we can work together and how I can coach you through your finances!

Here’s hoping that your week was less stressful and at least equally as successful!

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