Men should walk away now, or maybe not…knowing about PMS may actually help you understand women better.

I have a love-hate relationship with PMS. 

I hate it because I feel like a monster has taken over my body and I am not that sweet, loving, tolerant woman who I would love to be. In fact, I can barely recognise myself. I scream at the kids, avoid the husband, and I am generally just not a very “nice” person during this time.

I love it because I feel bolder. I tend to have the courage to speak and to not put up with stuff that isn’t working. Although I tend to usually say things as they are, during PMS there is no chance of me sugar-coating anything. I put it out there as raw and bare as it is.

However, I am now learning to embrace this part of my cycle. There is a reason women are made this way.  Recently, I listened to an episode on James Wedmore’s podcast where he featured Kate Northrup. It was profound. I would encourage you to listen to it too.

I am going to have a go at structuring my months based on my cycle. While I can’t change the facts of nature,  I can make them work for me and not against me.

I would love to hear what PMS is like for you as a woman (or even as a man on the receiving end) so please leave a comment sharing your experience.

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