Do you ever wonder how to budget for things like an unexpected expansion in your business? Or how much you should be paying yourself vs what you should be putting away for a rainy day?

What about the best way to track your expenses? I mean, we all know a spreadsheet would be better than a shoebox, but we’re also busy running a business over here! Right?!

The day-to-day operations can be overwhelming enough. If this was a big corporation you’d have employees (or entire departments) helping you take care of your sales, fulfillment, marketing, research & development, support – and so on – but right now, YOU are each of these departments. You’re the idea generator, the customer service mitigator, the IT director, the admin assistant, and everyone in between.

As an accountant specialising in coaches, consultants, freelancers and therapists, I meet a lot of business owners who are fantastic at what they do. They are dedicated and talented, they’re serving their clients and making an amazing impact in their community – but under the hood it’s sometimes a different story.

Many people come to me because they don’t know whether they are managing their finances well. Their business brings in a decent amount of revenue and they are sensible with their spending but they don’t have the visibility they need to make confident financial decisions. Come tax time, they’re often drowning in forms and receipts (again) and vowing they’ll be better organised next year (for real this time!) – but the question is: organised, how?

I rarely meet a small business owner who doesn’t care about their books. You care enormously, but often feel lost or overwhelmed. Am I right? Maybe you don’t know where to start, what tools to use, what ‘gotcha’s to look out for. You don’t know what you don’t know.

That’s why I created this guide: “What To Do When You Don’t Have An Accountant” – designed for small business owners managing their accounts and taxes on their own.

This guide will help you fill in the gaps and get your ducks in a row…

  • Are you putting enough aside for taxes? What about a rainy day?
  • Are you paying yourself enough to sustain a comfortable lifestyle (within your means, not relying on credit)? If not, are you on track to achieving this soon?
  • Is your business taking on any necessary expenses, or are you funding them personally?
  • Have you registered your business? Do you need to register your business?
  • Are you using a payroll scheme? Do you need to?
  • What’s the VAT threshold? Registration deadline? Filing deadline? Argh!
  • Do you have a bookkeeping system to keep track of all this?
  • Are you growing?

If those questions made you uncomfortable, I understand. But remember – it’s not a test! This isn’t about telling me what I want to hear, but about being honest with yourself, so that we can set you up for future success!

Sure – you can pay your bills, your employees, keep the lights on, but what about longevity? Can you keep up this pace? Do you know where you need to be financially, in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, or more? Do you know how to get there?

If any of this is keeping you up at night… I hear you loud and clear.
You’re just one person, and I’ve thrown a lot at you!

Preview of pages in this PDF

So to make it a little easier, I have created a free download that you can follow step by step.

Whether you are new in business, or just wanting to a quick health check – this guide is your head start to financial confidence in your business.

Download your copy from the Networth Freebie Hub today!



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