This weekend I attended the ANLP conference in London, Heathrow.


I just love how coaches are so passionate about what they do. There was even an entire day at the conference dedicated to a masterclass entitled “Passion in Action”  led by Judith Lowe and Judith DeLozier.

Why would an accountant attend an NLP conference?

You see, I am a coach as well. I am a qualified NLP Practitioner and a member of The Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming; I love empowering people in whatever way possible to make lasting change. NLP training changed my life completely, and I would encourage you to consider at least reading about the principles of NLP.

Conferences are Networking Gold

Apart from the great conference workshops, it was also lovely meeting so many people. Conferences are a fantastic way to network and build connections; plus the energy is just priceless. One of the people I met was Jeremy Lazarus. He is an accountant but has also been running his own training company for over 20 years. I was inspired. You can check him out on his website, The Lazarus. He is such an amazing guy!

I also met Thabiso Mailula, who won the NLP in Health Care Award last year; you can find out more about what he’s doing when he isn’t busy winning awards on his website, Perception in Motion as well as through the Subconscious Frequency Academy.

I mainly work with coaches, consultants, and therapists. I am always finding new ways to understand what is going on in each unique situation in order to help them and their business; I believe in life long learning so I am forever looking for opportunities to grow and serve my clients better. This also reminds me of why it is so important to develop a niche. I wrote about developing a niche a short while ago, so if you haven’t read that article I highly recommend you check it out.

This is the second conference I have been to this year and my first one for NLP; however, I am already looking forward to next year’s conference. So far I don’t have any others planned for the rest of this year, but please jump into the comments or send me an email if there are any good ones happening as I’m always interested in new learning and networking experiences.

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